Wood Pellets

Hattoy’s Nursery and Garden Center is a distributor for several quality brands of Wood Pellets. We have been selling wood pellets for many years now and it has become a great product line and service that we offer to all over Rhode Island. Here are some of the competitive advantages we have in this sector of our business and why we are a great company for you to buy your wood pellets from!

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  • We only sell high quality grade pellets from trusted companies
  • We store our wood pellets inside and out of the elements during the winter
  • We offer a pre-buy option, where you can buy wood pellets early in the season and we will store them for you until you are ready to pick them up.
  • We have a huge inventory and carry different brands
  • We are recommended by the pros and stove shops
  • We deliver with extremely flexible times

Super Premium 100% Hardwood Pellets

Barefoot premium wood pellets stored indoors for delivery

Cubex Hardwood Pellets

Matra Wood Pellets

Northern Warmth
Supreme 100% Douglas Fir Pellets from Northern Warmth

Northern Woods 100% Douglas Fir Pellets

Wood & Sons
Premium Wood Pellets made in Maine

Northern Warmth Wood Pellets

Wood Blocks

Hattoy’s also offers compressed wood blocks for wood stove heat. These blocks can be used to supplement firewood. Wood blocks are clean burning, high BTU output, no tree bark and mess, no insects and dampness. They come shrink-wrapped and are easy to store in a basement, den, or garage.

We Carry:

Barefoot envi Blocks

Envi Blocks by Barefoot Pellet Co

Fiber Fuel Blocks

Fiber Fuel Wood Blocks from White pane sawdust

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